Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Release Date for Young Adult/Teen Contemporary Fiction Novel, Dismantling Evan, Finalized

I have some exciting news!!!!

I have signed Dismantling Evan with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing House and have finalized the release date !
I originally considered releasing it at the end of 2014, but with upcoming book signing events, the holidays,  and my writing schedule,  my publisher and I both agree that January 2015 is a perfect fit.

I wanted to share the latest poster of D.E. with you since the tagline and release date has been added.  I will be releasing the cover in December.  
 Click me!

I am off to the writing cave now.  So excited about this book! It will be so different from the Piercing the Fold series... no sci-fi or paranormal in this one.  
Will share teasers and excerpts as the writing progresses.   Until then...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sizzling Summer Sale on the Entire Piercing the Fold series!!!!

This is a crazy insane sale ya'll. You get the entire series for $4.00 (plus tax). That is 4 full length novels for 4 bucks!  This is a Kindle copy sale and it is international for all of you that are over seas!  Here are the direct links to each book for you to one-click!

This sale will have an expiration, but my publisher and I haven't determined that yet! (win for you!)

If you get a chance, please spread the word about this sale.  Thank you so much for all of your support.

  International Best Selling Paranormal Sci-Fi Series
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Piercing the Fold: Book 1 http://smarturl.it/kbrqd8
Surfacing the Rim: Book2 http://smarturl.it/mrqxg7
Ascending the Veil: Book3 http://smarturl.it/rcztvn
the final book, Transcending the Legacy: Book4 http://smarturl.it/px8l95

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Very Paranormal BookRave was Very Awesome!

This past weekend I was part of a Barnes and Noble Multi-Author book signing event in Pasadena, Texas ( Just south of Houston, TX)  

One, it was my first Barnes and Noble event.  Two,  this is the first B&N to carry my entire series in paperback!  This had me over the moon excited.  

These are the extraordinary paranormal authors I got to hang with at the event. 

We had a steady flow of readers coursing through the event  and I signed multiple copies for new readers/fans of my series. 

We had some down time to take pictures with our wonderful organizers. Lucy was so kind making sure everything was just right for us.  My table buddy for the night was Jaye Wells; what an amazing author and woman.  We even went to dinner after the event. 

I will be back in Houston, Texas for the Houston BookRave 2014 in November.  The venue is TBD since it will house over 60 authors.  Jennifer L. Armentrout is said to be in attendance and I will be fan-girling for sure.  

Here is the info on the event for you to keep track of updates.  I will post any updates on the event here on my blog as well as on my social network handles.