Friday, June 26, 2015

Listen When the Muse is Calling and Write for Right Now! The Evan series and Future Projects X and Y.

"Listen when the muse is calling"

I learned this among many other valuable takeaways while at UtopYA Con 2015 last week.  (I can not speak highly enough about this convention for readers, writers, authors, published, unpublished)

Another takeaway, "Write what you want to write,  RIGHT NOW."

With these two statements, fueling my passion for my craft as a writer, I have come to a bittersweet conclusion that many Evan fans will not like, but I am completely at peace with.  

The Evan series is going to be put on hold indefinitely with the possibility of not going beyond one full length and two novelettes (Dismantling Evan,  Saving Gavin, and Resurrecting Gavin).

About four weeks ago, the muse for the Evan series came to a halt. Just completely stopped.  It's like the characters were showing up in my head completely confused and stressed.   Yeah, stressed.  In turn that made me stress.
What was happening to my characters? Why was the story not moving, flowing?
 Every scene I wrote, seemed to fall flat even though I had a complete story plotted out.  Four weeks later,  and after much needed clarity and inspiration in my growing craft (thank you UtopYA Con 2015- I totally needed it), I realize that it wasn't the was the muse, or lack of a muse I was trying to force.  

I thought and thought and thought on this.  I have to tell you, I was sad and mad for a few days at myself mainly. I felt like I had left these characters from this series out in the cold, shivering and lonely.  Then I thought about the story,  Evan's story and its beginnings;  Dismantling Evan.   Dismantling Evan is a hefty full length novel, that pushes 130K words; IT IS A BIG BOOK :)  In addition, Dismantling Evan contains a complete story arc without a massive cliffhanger, leaving the reader dangling until the next full length novel.  On top of Dismantling Evan, I wrote two companion novelettes (Saving Gavin- released in June and Resurrecting Gavin releasing in September) to delve deeper into the mind of Gavin and what happened after the dismantlement to give readers a sense of understanding from Gavin's perspective.   Reminding myself of this, made it possible for me to find peace that if I was to not write another book in the Evan series for years from now, or never write a second book in the series, I have done justice by the characters in this very vulnerable phase of their lives as young adults.

With that peace in my mind and heart, I am ready to start my next project.

So, what muse is calling to me now?  What  am I wanting to write RIGHT NOW?
Well, this is where  I had to clear my head and release the stress of not having the muse for my last project, and really think about what muse was vying for attention in my head.
Once I did that, I asked myself, "What do you want to write at this very moment?"
Without a second thought, I said it aloud, "Project X".
Project X is just a widget name since I don't have a title yet, but it is the project that had been popping into my head more and more frequently over the last six months without me really realizing it.

The funny thing is, now that I have opened my mind  to what I want to write, the creative juices are flowing again. Not only am I so passionate about this project, but I am getting a flow of ideas and concepts  for projects beyond "Project X".  I am even considering writing both "Project X: as well as a "Project Y" (another widget name) :)  since they are both very different projects.  I have never attempted doing it, but I am so pumped full of creativity right now, I am going to go for it and see how it goes.

Okay, so I know I suck for only giving you the widget project names Project X and Project Y. So, to not have you completely hate me, I do want to give you an idea of what I have in mind for them:

Project X- New Adult Contemporary Romance (two book series)

Project Y- Young Adult Fantasy Romance (series)

On a final note, I am a believer in signs. It just so happens that the Utopia Con 2016 theme was announced the day I had made my  decision to write what I wanted to RIGHT NOW!

You see, the theme for Utopia Con 2016 is "Fight for your Write".  That theme couldn't have come at a better time in my life and I can't wait to see what happens  with the muses in my head within the next year!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy Release Day Saving Gavin!!!

Good Morning and Happy Release Day!!! 
Saving Gavin is live!  It is a companion to the first book in the Evan Series, Dismantling Evan.  It is also part 1 of a two-part novelette companion that will not only give you Gavin's point of view after the "dismantlement) but will also  bridge the gap in time between  Dismantling Evan and Inventing Evan (the next full length novel in the Evan series).  
Right now and for a limited time only, Dismantling Evan is on sale in celebration of the release of Saving Gavin! 
One-Click both of them now! Sale only for limited time.

~Dismantling Evan~
Life is unstable. What will be the trigger to dismantle it?
US link:
UK link:

~Saving Gavin~
A trigger pulled. A tragedy realized. A boy displaced. Can Gavin be saved or will he be forever lost?
Saving Gavin- an Evan series novelette
Amazon Link:

Friday, June 5, 2015

SPR's Editorial Review of Dismantling Evan

"What binds it all together is the quality of Kimball’s prose, which manages to be both concise and lyrical...this is a 

Hi Everyone!

Hope this finds you doing well.
I received a new professional editorial review for Dismantling Evan.
When you get these reviews, you are unsure of criticism could be awaiting you since these are from people that don't know you from Adam. It is intimidating to say the least and I waited about half a day to open the email from Self Publishing Review for this reason.  I didn't know if they would slam Dismantling Evan to the ground, step on it, then throw it across the room OR if they would really appreciate it.

Well, they appreciated it!  I would be short changing the review if I didn't say that the words the reviewer used for DE held  me captive for a good while after reading.

Here is the review from SPR:

Dismantling Evan is a moving and harrowing novel about coping with bipolar disorder – not just the disease itself, but how everyone reacts to those who suffer from mental illness. Evan Phillips is moved to a small town in Texas after suffering a nervous breakdown. Her parents hope that a new setting in a calmer environment will help her recover. All does not go as planned, as Evan’s family moves next to Gavin Ferguson, a teenager who has mental illness problems of his own. A group of gifted, but troubled, teenagers bond together, but become vicious targets as the town outcasts.
Though the book is laden with issues facing contemporary teens – bullying and mental illness, among others – the novel is never preachy or reads like an after school special. These issues enhance the plot and character development, and so seem all the more real. What binds it all together is the quality of Kimball’s prose, which manages to be both concise and lyrical, and the empathy she has for her characters. Make no mistake, this is a page-turner, resting on the strength of the characterization.
What makes the novel particularly effective is that Kimball doesn’t cut corners on portraying mental illness. Evan and her friends aren’t just victims, they are frustrating, even maddening, at times, a more realistic portrayal of mental illness. Far from this making them unsympathetic, it makes them fully realized and relatable, and compels you to keep reading.
Mental illness is one of those issues that people are too often afraid, or embarrassed, to confront. Venessa Kimball has written a brave and important book that should hopefully reach a wide audience.

I have also included the link for the review on SPR's website.

If you haven't had a chance to read Dismantling Evan, here are the US and UK links to purchase on Amazon.