Friday, November 13, 2015

New Release Reviving Evan from Venessa Kimball - Available on Amazon Now!

It's release day for Reviving Evan, the newest addition to the Evan series and a continuation of Evan's journey as well as the journey she is taking with Brody, Gavin, Nikki, Lia, and Asher!
Here is the LIVE LINK!      One-click purchase now!

In celebration, I have a cool weekend special going on! A sale! Kindle edition of Dismantling Evan will be on sale for 99 pennies this weekend for the release!  This is a rare pricing for this book, so take advantage of the special! Here is the link for DE:

In addition, there is a release party right now (November 13th) on Facebook! Join the event and come celebrate Reviving Evan's release with prizes, author takeovers and more!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cover Reveal: Reviving Evan- an Evan series novella. Release Day Party In November!

Happy Cover Reveal Day to Reviving Evan, the much-anticipated novella from the Evan series!  Having gotten a perspective from Gavin Ferguson immediately following the traumatic dismantlement in "Dismantling Evan" in two novelettes (Saving Gavin and Resurrecting Gavin), fans were ready to see how life would continue for Evan and all of the friends.  That is where Reviving Evan fills the gap in the time immediately following the "dismantlement" but  before some life changing events for this band of friends and ultimately Evan throughout the remainder of the series.

Reviving Evan -  Blurb 

When will Reviving Evan release? 
November 13, 2015 on Kindle
(paperback will follow with Saving Gavin and Resurrecting Gavin as bonus material) 

I need to catch up! How many books in the series? 
-  There is one full-length novel-  "Dismantling Evan, two novelettes- "Saving Gavin" and "Resurrecting Gavin", and one novella- "Reviving Evan" 

All books can be purchased on Amazon Kindle or paperback (Reviving Evan's paperback will contain Saving Gavin and Resurrecting Gavin once it releases)  
Visit Venessa Kimball's Amazon page to download: 

Where is the Release Party? 
The release party is on November 13, but it isn't just a one-day thing. Let me explain. There will be a cover reveal and release party celebration for each book as it releases until the ENTIRE series is published. Cool, right?  
It is on Facebook, so join the event and you will be kept up to date on each cover reveal and release day until the series has reached its finale. Join in anytime since it is a progressive party!
Here is the link to join. Don't miss it! There will be lots of prizes to celebrate release day: 

How many more books in the series? 

There will be two more full-length novels, "Inventing Evan" and "Capturing Evan" to finish out the complete Evan series.  "Inventing Evan" is projected to release  in 2016 and "Capturing Evan" in early 2017 and will cross-over from Young Adult to the New Adult genre as Evan and her friends enter college. 

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Venessa Kimball's Bio: 

Having always been passionate about the written word, Venessa Kimball embarked on writing what would become her debut novel, Piercing the Fold: Book 1; a young adult/ adult crossover, paranormal, science fiction, dystopian series. July 2, 2012, Venessa Kimball independently published the first book in the Piercing the Fold series. Book 2, Surfacing the Rim, released March 14, 2013.
In August of 2013, Venessa joined the publishing house, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. The Piercing the Fold series has been re-published with CHBB beginning with Piercing the Fold: Book 1 on September 3, 2013. Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 re-published on September 24, 2013 and Ascending the Veil: Book 3 released November 2013. The fourth book in the series, Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 released May 13, 2014.  
Venessa’s latest project, YA/Teen Contemporary Fiction Evan series has already produced one poignant and riveting novel, Dismantling Evan, and two novelettes (Saving Gavin and Resurrecting Gavin).  
Reviving Evan novella is the newest addition and  two more full-lengths  will follow within 2016 and 2017; Inventing Evan and Capturing Evan. 

Venessa is currently working on an Adult Contemporary Romance to be released in 2016 in between the Evan series continuation.  

As for the future, Venessa is already filling her Work-In-Progress folder. When she  is not writing, she is keeping active with her husband and three children, chauffeuring said children to extracurricular activities, catching a movie with her hubby, and staying up way too late reading.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Resurrecting Gavin has released! Get caught up on the Evan series before next release! Release Schedule

Good Morning,
Today is a crazy busy day, but I wanted to pop on and give you a short breakdown on the upcoming releases for the Evan series.

Here they are:
~Dismantling Evan: Book 1 in the Evan series -Available  

Amazon link:

~Saving Gavin: Companion novelette part 1 - Available 
Amazon link:

~Resurrecting Gavin: companion novelette part 2- Available! 
Amazon Link:

~Reviving Evan: an Evan series novella- cover reveal October 13, release November 13, 2015
~Inventing Evan: Book 2 in the Evan series - cover reveal April 19, release May 6,2016
~Capturing Evan: Book 3 (final book) in the Evan series- cover reveal December 13, 2016,
release February 10, 2017

I am working on final edits with my editor for Reviving Evan and OH, there is so much in store for you!